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26. Air Line Anti-Freeze


Tanner's Concept is Unchanged & Unchallenged

Getting the proper anti-freeze to the proper place at the proper time is fundamental to preventing downtime and increasing productivity with compressed air lines.

To stop air line freeze-ups, introduce a few drops of a Tanner De-icant into your airline using a Tanner Dispenser.

Once the Tanner De-icant is introduced into the air line, the fluid bonds to the moisture in the air stream, prevents it from freezing and allows it to exhaust through the pneumatic components.

A Tanner Dispenser precisely delivering a Tanner De-icant: that’s a Tanner system.

Economical — Easy to Install — Easy to Use.

How Much Does a Tanner System Cost?

The only costs are the purchase of the Tanner Dispenser and the Tanner De-icant as needed. Starting at a few hundred dollars, a Tanner System is far less costly than expensive air dryers. The truly important comparison, however, is to the enormous cost of being shut down!

Tanner De-Icer Tanks
Tanner De-Icer Tanks
Tanner Gas In-Line Anti-Freeze For Air Equipment
Tanner Gas In-Line Anti-Freeze For Air Equipment
Tanner No-Tox2 Air Line Antifreeze (MSHA Approved)
Tanner No-Tox2 Air Line Antifreeze (MSHA Approved)NO-TOX2 Is NOT Considered Hazardous Material